LÁ Art Museum, Iceland

19 May – 1 July 2012

Hosted in a modern building of 900 m2, this museum is situated in Hveragerdi, a geothermal town 45 km east of Reykjavik.

Part of Reykjavik Arts Festival program, named (I)ndependent People, HORIZONIC opened the art celebrations.

Opening 19 May at 11 am with a performance by the Greenlandic artists Jessie Kleemann and Iben Mondrup

Related events:

• Monday 21 May at 8 pm: conference by Feroese artist Goodiepal, concert of the Icelandic Sound Poetry Choir

• 27 May at 3 pm: curator’s talk by Ásdís Ólafsdóttir

• 16 June at 3 pm: artist’s talk by Dodda Maggý

1 July at 3 pm: visit by museum director Inga Jónsdóttir




LÁ Art Museum – Austurmörk 21 – 810 Hveragerði – open daily 12 am-6 pm

The images of the slideshow were taken at the opening of 19 May. Photos: Richard Galera, Dorothée Nourisson, Anja Høvik Stømsted and Goran Vejvoda.