Dodda Maggý


While exploring the emotional language of video and music mediated through performance, Icelandic artist Dodda Maggý (b. 1981) creates lyrical works portraying invisible or mentally projected elements such as perceptual experiences and altered states of consciousness. Her purely sound-based work or silent moving images attempt to externalize the internal dimensions of dreams, memories and imagination.

DeCore (aurae), 2012

For this silent video projection, Dodda Maggý recorded images as if she were making an audio field recording. She captured flowering plants and then resampled the images, removing them from the background, rearranging them back together, creating organic forms with mirror effects and layering them on top of each other again and again. The way she approaches video in her practice is very much influenced by her musical background. This visual object is composed as a song, in terms of timing, rhythm and flow. The work is silent but feels musical through colour, movement and rhythm.


The artist during the exhibition mounting