Elin Øyen Vister









Child of Klang, aka Elin Øyen Vister (b. 1976), is a Norwegian sound artist, composer and DJ. Since 2009, she has been living on an island off the coast of Northern Norway, working on field recordings, sound installations, compositions and live improvisation. Her main current project, Soundscape Røst, deals with the endangered pelagic seabird population on the Røst archipelago (Lofoten). Through her works she looks upon sound as a sculptural element and studies the relationship between sound environments and living organisms (humans, animals and nature).

Play Kittiwake, 2012

The kittiwake is a small and elegant gull species placed on the Norwegian red list as its population is dramatically decreasing. Its vocalisation is beautiful, strange, intense and most of all very musical. The artist has edited 9 of its sounds. By moving hands and body in front of the letters, visitors can ”play” on the kittiwake sounds and create their own music. The sound created is quite staccato and reminiscent of the way contemporary dance music treats sampled sounds by repeating phrases and thus creating stabbing rhythms.

Play Kittiwake is created in collaboration with:

Kristine Tjøgersen / Clarinet

Peter Ringset / Programming and technical consultation

Tone Emblemsvåg / Typography