Åsa Stjerna









Åsa Stjerna’s (b. 1970) works are mainly concerned with the experience of time and place, closely associating notions of nature in relation to the urban environment. The Swedish artist’s multi-channel sound installations reinforce and amplify a sense of place, invoking social and historical associations.

Currents, 2011

In order to measure the melting of the North Pole, a research team connected to the Institute of Meteorology at Stockholm University is investigating the changes of water flow in the Gulf Stream. Stjerna collaborates with them on a system operating in the North Atlantic Stream outside the Faroe Islands. She intends to artistically transform this flux of information to create a sonification based on the course of the Gulf Stream. In September 2011 the context-specific sound installation Currents was set up in Oslo Opera House, with 18 loudspeakers transmitting this motion in real-time.