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Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir, or Kira Kira (b. 1977), is a composer and audio/visual artist from Iceland. She is a founding member of Kitchen Motors, both a label and a collective based on musical experiments, creative collaboration and the merging of art forms. Kira Kira sprang from this collective in 1990 and to this day works with their ethos at hearta spirit of playfulness, exploring the relationship between experimental music and visual arts. She composes music for theatre, film, dance creations and art installations as well as performing music internationally. Debuting as director and screenwriter, Kristin’s first feature film Grandma Lo-fi – The Basement Tapes of Sigridur Nielsdottir is just out and touring film festivals around the world.

Out of Place – Eden, 2012

Kristín Björk enjoys going off the beaten track, breathing life into abandoned or derelict spaces. Beams of light, warm film flickers or sounds are sent surging through silent places of dusty abandon. For HORIZONIC she intervenes in places outside of the exhibition, creating a link between past and present, the exhibition and its environment. This continues the artist’s series of sonic pieces in towers that she has been developing since 2002.

For LÁ Art Museum she created a sound piece in memory of two birds that burnt inside an old restaurant called Eden. The sounds soar through the rubble of Eden, in the remains of a place that once was a go-to for Sunday ice cream rides with the family.

Out of Place – All is Well (In Memory of Mom), 2012

In Ystad Kristín Björk has made a sound installation in a watchtower in the center of the old town, attached to the St Maria church.
Since 1748 a tower watchman has blown his long majestic horn out the tower’s windows every evening, when all is well. He will climb up the stairs, take a good look at his town and if there are no fires to be seen, he sounds his horn from up there every 15 minutes between 9 pm and 1 am; North, East, South and West. During the exhibition the horn was joined by a recording of a girl choir twice every evening at 10 pm and at midnight.

The piece was created in memory of Kristin’s mom who recently passed away. « In the summer, when my mother was dying, my brother and I would take turns watching over her and call each other with reports from the hospital. This was our lifeline. Now she has gone back to watching over us », says the artist. Special thanks to tower watchman horn maestro Roland Borg.

Out of Place – Kaktusarium, 2012

For ésam in Cherbourg the artist has created the installation Kaktusarium, made of a Super-8 film and a sound installation.

Kaktusarium  is presented in Cherbourg’s tropical greenhouse of Park Emmanuel Liais – a wild, foggy greenhouse where the cacti has taken over and curious green tentacles slither about unhindered. A slow hum of a Hawaiian guitar escapes from the Kaktusarium through an undulating, faint green glow.

Date of projection: 11 December 2012 17:30 – 20:30

Address: Tropical greenhouse, Parc Emmanuel Liais, Rue de la Bucaille, 50100 Cherbourg