Jessie Kleemann & Iben Mondrup

Jessie Kleemann (b. 1959) is a performance artist, poet and painter from Greenland. She has performed internationally as well as in the most remote villages in Greenland, and is a regular guest-wolf of the international performance artists-group The Wolf in the Winter.

Iben Mondrup (b. 1969) is a writer, curator and artist raised in Greenland. Among her writings is De usynlige grønlændere [The Invisible Greenlanders] (2003), a book about language, culture, and identity among mainly Danish-speaking Greenlanders. She has both curated and participated in several exhibitions of art from Greenland.

Both artists are pioneers in using sound and performance in Greenlandic live visual art.

Sassuma Arnaa / The Mother of the Sea, 2012

In this performance, Jessie Kleemann and Iben Mondrup use sound and body feedback to form what they call « The Cultural DNA ». The core of all cultures—Inuit, European, Asian or any other—is the manifestation of repetitive oral and physical performances based on ritualized mythology. Rhythm and repetition seem to be universal, though carried out differently depending on the time period and space. Mondrup and Kleemann take their audience to the core of a culture without a specific location.

For the openings of the HORIZONIC exhibition Jessie Kleemann and Iben Mondrup perform together with Niels Lyngsø.