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Swedish artist Catrin Andersson (b. 1974) is an artist who uses sound, video, photographs, installations and drawings as media. She often collaborates with scientists since her soundworks capture natural phenomena, such as an iceberg breaking, which normally cannot be perceived by the human ear.


This photo and sound installation is inspired by a scientific radar facility and space research centre on the island of Svalbard, Northern Norway, where the artist made audio recordings in 2008. Although silence seemed to permeate everything, the strong electromagnetic radiation emitting from the facility, created the pulsating disturbances that she recorded. In her images, the ice is like a crust covering the ground in several layers, revealing air bubbles and black carbon frozen in the thickness. The artist compares it to « walking on a thin glass surface with outer space under your feet. »

Beyond the Horizon (STATE), 2010

These photographs investigate the influence of total darkness (such as experienced during four months on Svalbard), enclosed spaces and artificial habitats in deep space or under water. Her faces show how the polar night may be implicated, in some cases, in the Solipsism syndrome. This psychiatric condition is characterised by a detachment from reality¾a state of mind in which a person begins to feel that all reality is internal, and reminiscences of the perceived universe are unreal or only exist in a dream state.